Class Guidelines

We go to great lengths to provide an exceptionally clean, comfortable & safe environment for each member of our Sangha. In order to continue to maintain a pure physical & energetic space & ensure that everyone gets the most benefit from their experience, we kindly ask that you observe the following class guidelines:


Please do your best to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to your class. All students must be registered, checked in & classes paid for before class begins. If you are running late & centering has begun, please check in on the iPad & then wait outside the classroom until after movement begins to avoid disturbing your fellow practitioners. Once invited into the studio by the instructor, please enter with reverence & respect & unroll your mat quietly. Do not worry about finding a spot — the instructor will help you once we begin to move.

Please note, Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach so avoid eating 2-3 hours before class. A full stomach needs energy to digest food, which pulls energy from our muscles.

Please wrap your gum in a tissue & discard it in the trash before class. It is dangerous & distracting during practice.

Cell Phones & Other Electronics

Please turn off all cell phones & pagers before entering the center. Please do not bring them into the classroom (with exceptions such as being a physician on call with approval of the instructor prior to class). We suggest leaving them in your car or shoes in the reception room so you may completely unplug while at the studio.

Shoes & Personal Items

Shoes should be removed & left in the reception area upon entry. They should never be worn beyond the desk or in the Yoga Shala as they carry dirt, debris & other things we do not want in the sacred space. When it is snowy or wet outside, please remove your shoes on the floor mats & avoid tracking through the studio.

In order to optimize space & keep your “footprint” small, please bring as few personal items & props into class as possible. Leave your valuables at home, in the car or in the prop room.


Please wear clothing that you will be comfortable in during class & avoid baggy clothes that can get in the way of your practice, as well as clothes that are too tight or revealing. We also ask that men keep their shirts on during class to absorb sweat. Management reserves the right to prevent the participation in a class if proper attire is not worn.

Cleanliness & Scents

Please be mindful of personal hygiene. Come to class showered & clean as this enhances practice & is respectful to our fellow practitioners. If you cannot shower before class, it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes & washcloth or wipes in your Yoga bag so you may wash your armpits, hands & feet. Please NO perfumes, scented lotions or colognes. These synthetic scents can become overwhelming & some are allergic or highly sensitive. Management reserves the right to prevent the participation in a class if personal hygiene is offensive to others.


Please ask for permission to avoid overstepping boundaries. When you need to speak with your instructor, the desk staff or fellow practitioners it is always a good practice to ask if it is a good time to talk. You should always be mindful that others may not wish to have their picture taken or join in other types of media.

Speak Softly

Please use the time before class to find stillness & attune to your inner energy & Yogi mindset - quiet, meditate & center. Chatting with others across mats can be disturbing & many of your fellow Yogis, the instructor or clients in the Healing room may wish to relax before or after class. Unnecessary chatter or loud sounds (loud exhales, strained breathing, etc.) can bring a restless & distracted energy into the sacred space. Please speak softly or observe silence to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Setting Up

Please accommodate other students by unrolling your Yoga mat close to others & keep your props in front of or behind your mat. We can always “spread out” if there is extra room. Please try not to step on other students' mats when practicing & be mindful of personal space.

In order to keep your “footprint” small, please bring as few personal items & props into class as possible. Leave your valuables at home, in the car or in the prop room.

Honor The Space

We go to great lengths behind the scenes to provide a clean & safe environment for each member of our Sangha. In order to continue to maintain a pure physical & energetic space, we ask for your assistance & cooperation with the following items.

Please respect areas designated for One Yoga staff, such as behind the desk or in the office. If anything needs adjusting, please quietly ask desk staff or the instructor for assistance.

Please never handle the Healing Instruments (Alchemy Crystal or Tibetan Healing Bowls, Gong, etc.) as they are incredibly expensive & need to be cared for in specific ways.

Please clean up after yourself in the bathroom, studio & other areas in the center. If you use any props, such as blocks or Yoga mats, please clean them at the end of class with the spray bottles provided in the prop room & put them back neatly. If you sweat profusely during class, please bring a towel & cleanup the floor around your mat afterwards. Remember, a Yogi always leaves a place a little bit better than they found it.

Speak With Your Instructor

Inform your instructor if you have any physical considerations, illnesses, are pregnant or are on medication before class so he/she can offer appropriate modifications. As always, listen to your body’s messages.

If the temperature or blinds need to be adjusted, please ask desk staff or the instructor for assistance. We only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade DoTerra Essential Oils at the studio, but if the diffuser is bothering you please let your instructor know so she may turn it off.

After class, don’t hesitate to ask questions or give feedback to the instructor. We look forward to speaking with you & assist you in your practice.

Hands-On Adjustments

Many of our instructors offer hands-on adjustments to help guide you into proper alignment & show you what is possible in a pose so that you have the tools to rediscover this place on your own. Assists are meant to provide safe & nurturing support to students. If you are working with any injuries or prefer not to have this contact during class for any reason, please make your instructor aware prior to class so he/she may honor & respect your space.

Honor Your Intuition

Listen to your body’s needs & do what is right for you. Don’t push it! Each of us was created with a unique body, capable of doing unique things. Straining to get into the “perfect” pose without respecting the limits of your own body will only lead to an injury. Work with where you are & not from where you think you should be & trust your body to open when it is ready to.

If you feel unwell during class, please alert the instructor immediately.

Stay Until The End

If you need to leave class early, please inform the instructor before class & you will be directed to take an early Savasana. This period of deep relaxation (Savasana) gives you the opportunity to integrate & allow the benefits of your practice to really sink in. Please do not leave during Savasana to avoid disturbing other students. Savasana, pranayama & meditation are essential elements of Yoga class & provide a complete experience.

Please be still & pay attention to announcements at the end of class to avoid distracting others or the instructor. We do our best to move through them quickly to be respectful of your time.