One Yoga Center was founded by Chelle Atma Devi & Dave as a place of healing & community for all.  It is a place for everyONE to reconnect with their joy & well-being while cultivating radiant health, happiness & strength.  The studio is a space to breathe where you will be continually guided back to your center & your bliss.

Chelle Atma Devi & Dave decided on the studio name because they have always been fascinated with how "ONE" is both singular & individual, yet unified & all-inclusive at the same time.  At One Yoga Center we will work with you to harness your inner vitality & peace, as well as draw upon the support & energy of the collective Sangha to reach your goals.

One Yoga Center is built upon the principles of Yoga & we are dedicated to assisting each individual in their own personal transformation of body & mind.  Our goal is to unify & inspire through the teachings of classical Hatha/Raja Yoga, the uplifting movements of Tribal Belly Dance, & the therapeutic & harmonizing gifts of various healing modalities & sound.

Our wish is to create an atmosphere of acceptance where everyONE who has the desire to learn more about Yoga, Dance & Healing feels welcome & comfortable to explore their own path.

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Our Teachers

Chelle Atma Devi


When you are quiet, you see everything with love.
— Sri Dharma Mittra