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Shakti Soundwave

Ever since Chelle & Dave met, they have always shared a love of music & sound.  So as their path led them to Yoga, it was a natural & organic progression for them to collaborate & blend ancient Yogic practices with the Sacred Sound Current in their own unique way.

They began in 2006 at Dharma Yoga Syracuse where Dave (DJ Depth) partnered with Chelle & other instructors for "Hot House Yoga" & "Trance Dance" events.  During these popular events Depth, provided the electronic sounds & live remixing while Chelle led the class through a practice of asana, shavasana, pranayama, & meditation.

In the Denver area, Chelle & Dave continue to hold these same "active" Sound workshops at One Yoga Center under the new name "Shakti Soundwave."  This new name better defines the focus & direction of their collaboration & expresses their goal of unification & the balance the opposites.  They feel music is a sacred bridge to the soul & that vibration is one of the easiest & most effective ways to purify the body & mind.  Both Chelle & Dave love to share this process with students & watch as they are transformed.

Most recently, Chelle & Dave have added a new "passive" Sound workshop component to Shakti Soundwave that combines the healing power of Gongs & Singing Alchemy Bowls, taking practitioners on a deep journey through sound & relaxation.

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