Our Teachers

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Chelle Atma Devi

Chelle Atma Devi began practicing Yoga since 1996. At that point in her life she was working in finance at the World Trade Center in Manhattan & living a life of self-indulgence in the city that never sleeps.

Like many others, Chelle Atma Devi took her first class at a gym. Knowing nothing of Yoga, she was initially drawn to it because she had always been a dancer & was interested in maintaining her flexibility & staying in shape. What she didn’t see coming was the way Yoga would completely transform her.

At first, she found herself more off the mat than on. Life in New York City was exciting & a never-ending party. Yet somehow she kept returning to her mat, unable to deny the way she felt after class - returned to a deep inner peace, a state of being that was completely unclouded.

Chelle Atma Devi began studying Tribal Belly Dance & deepening her devotion to her Yoga practice in 2001. In 2006, she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training while co-directing Shezam World Tribal Belly Dance troupe in Syracuse, NY. Over the next few years her passion for learning & spiritual evolution led her to complete 2 additional Teacher Trainings in the Dharma Yoga lineage & finding her Guru. Eventually, she left her career in finance to teach Yoga & manage Dharma Yoga Syracuse before moving across the country to Denver in 2014.

During her years in NY, Chelle also discovered her healing path, completing her Master Reiki Attunement in the Usui Reiki system, becoming a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Essential Oils & a Richway BioMat distributor.

Over the last 2 decades, Chelle Atma Devi has dedicated her life to service through her own Self-Realization & sharing what she has learned. She continues to deepen her own Knowledge through the exploration of Yoga, Dance & Healing, & her passion is working with others to help them find their own path of growth & transformation.

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Dave began practicing Yoga in 2006 in his basement where his wife, Chelle taught three classes a week.

Both Dave & Chelle were very grateful to have the opportunity to offer a place for their friends to practice Yoga & to make it affordable by making the classes by donation. This humbling experience has affected Dave's life in a positive way by introducing a peace of mind, physical body improvements, & an increased loving bond with those who attended.

The next chapter in Dave's spiritual evolution was experiencing a long weekend immersion with Sri Dharma Mittra at Kripalu in 2008 with Chelle. Since that transformative weekend, he has been faithfully practicing & in 2013 he completed his first Dharma Yoga Teacher Training.

In 2014, Dave relocated to the Denver area where he continued to teach & opened One Yoga Center with Chelle. Over the years, Dave has deepened his Knowledge & practice. He is devoted to service & sharing all he has learned.

Dave is also passionate about music & sound & has been DJ-ing & creating music since the mid-90's. He was the exclusive DJ for Dharma Yoga Syracuse where he partnered with Chelle & other instructors for "Hot House Yoga" & "Trance Dance" events. During these popular events Dave, a.k.a. DJ Depth, provided the electronic sounds & live remixing while Chelle led the class through a practice of asana, shavasana, pranayama, & meditation.

In the Denver area, Dave & Chelle continue to hold these same "active" Sound workshops at One Yoga Center under the new name "Shakti Soundwave." They have also added a new "passive" Sound workshop component to this offering that combines the healing power of Gongs & Singing Alchemy Bowls, taking practitioners on a deep journey through sound & relaxation.