Sacred Soul Gatherings

A Women’s Group 8-Week Program

In this 8-week small women's group we will work deeply together with commitment & support to release, connect & cultivate the life that we wish to lead. Using the ancient science of Yoga & built upon years of experience with assisting others to cultivate Self-awareness & Self-development, we will dig deep & dive into our own Self-discovery to find wholeness & peace in our lives.

We will explore our joy, disappointments & pain; rediscover our truth & our own voice through sharing in sacred circle time; support & hold one another both on & off our mats; & heal in a safe environment of sisterhood. This program will align us with Self-love, Self-discovery & Self-care, as well as sisterhood.

If you are ready to commit to taking better care of yourself, find deeper connection with other women, stretch & move your body peacefully & with care, & be supported every step of the way then this gathering is for you.

The curriculum will consist of feminine movement (Yoga Asana), breath (Pranayama) & Meditation along with Spiritual Consultations, a.k.a. Satsang, (weekly group + two ½ hour private One-On-One consultations with Chelle Atma Devi), as well as OM-work (journaling & daily rituals) to reclaim ourselves at the deepest level possible.

If you are not in the Colorado area, but wish to attend we can make special remote access arrangements for you. Please first email Chelle Atma Devi through the Contact Us page to confirm what will be expected if you join remotely prior to registering on the Workshop/Special Events tab of our website. For more information or to register, click “Follow Your Bliss.”